The San Angelo Schools Foundation just celebrated our best day ever! We all love the Grants to Teachers program and we especially love what happened on Monday, November 13, 2017. SASF awarded 24 campuses, 175 teachers, and 1 All-Campus Grant to Sharon Lane, principal at Lamar Elementary. This all added up to over $54,000! That’s a great day!

I remember the days of board members and interested citizens piling on the SAISD travel bus to deliver balloons and scaring the teachers and students to excitement. It took all day to let the teachers know they had received their grant from SASF. It was a long and tiring day but it was the best day of the year for me and the other members of the Grant Award Patrol.

We can’t do that anymore because there are too many grants, too many teachers and too many campuses. Sometimes it’s good to not be able to do it the old way!

Some of the grants that were awarded went to technology, flexible seating, communication boards for Special Education students, materials needed for Guided Reading and Math, ukuleles and other instruments for some music programs, dissection materials for high school Science students, the development of a food trailer coffee house for the Special Education students at Central High School to provide on-the-job training in an inclusive environment, a sound system to enhance an elementary campus’ music/P.E. program, materials to present the life cycle of chicks, butterflies and ladybugs, Social Studies curriculum materials, robotics for high engagement STEM activities, materials to create a sensory lab and to supply a Makerspace to strengthen the abilities and minds of young students, and the food for a 4th grade Dinner Theatre that provides opportunities for all the students to showcase their talents.

This is a sampling of the excellent grants that represent the Schools Foundation’s mission of advocating and supporting innovative academic opportunities for all students of the SAISD!

SASF board members and I want the principals and teachers to know that we support you and we want you to be even better with your students and your schools and your community and to share what you have learned from receiving a grant from San Angelo Schools Foundation.


Debbi Meads,
Chief Operations Officer,
San Angelo Schools Foundation

Debbi Meads, Chief Operating Officer

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