Fundraising for the San Angelo Schools Foundation takes place annually in March at a dinner/live auction and in May via the "San Angelo Gives" campaign.  Click here for information about San Angelo Gives, fundraiser tickets or other donations.

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“Kids love learning!”

This video showcases several SAISD recipients of the "Grants for Teachers" program.  Technology used inside the classroom is featured, but grants were awarded for a myriad of learning styles and for a variety of settings.  

Apply for GRANTS TO TEACHERS by clicking here.  Apply for CAMPUS WIDE GRANTS by clicking here.(Applications are available ONLY during specified funding periods.  Check back later if applications are unavailable.)

C.E.O.'s Message

Debi Meads, C.E.O. of the San Angelo Schools Foundation wants you to know the school year is off to a great start for the San Angelo Schools Foundation! 

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