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These videos showcase several SAISD recipients of the "Grants for Teachers" program. Technology used inside the classroom is featured, but grants were awarded for a myriad of learning styles and for a variety of settings.  

Grants to Teachers is closed until mid August 2019

C.O.O.'s Message

Debi Meads, Chief Operations Officer of the San Angelo Schools Foundation wants to say thank you to everyone for helping SASF bring excellence to education in San Angelo.

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Congratulations to Austin, Crockett, Glenn MS, Lamar and McGill for winning the All Campus Grant at our 3rd annual awards ceremony!

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Some board members of the San Angelo Schools Foundation were approached by Matt Kimball and
Laura Howard this last Spring about helping them with sponsors for a Science, Technology, Engineering
and Math (STEM) Kid’s Camp they were planning for this summer. After hearing all about the exciting
plans they had and the professional way in which they had prepared the entire process, San Angelo
Schools Foundation voted to be their sole sponsor.

This STEM Kid’s Camp was June 21 at Central High School for about 140 students from grades 5-9. The
students participated in two sessions that brought STEM to life in a fun, engaging manner and without
charge to the parents. They all received a free STEM Kid’s Camp t-shirt, free lunch and snacks and a take-
home robot.

Supporting innovative academic opportunities for the students of San Angelo public schools.